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From Passion to Observation of the Act and Experience - Now Managing The Creative Process

Posted by De McLemore | in General | on 27 Mar 2013 | at 10:52 PM | 2150 views

Do you sometimes think about when you began enjoying being creative and how that interest flourished into a passion? How observant are you of your childs interest in art? When you reflect I'll bet you remember some profound and thought provoking moments that I wouldn't doubt put a smile on your face. Well, it's nice to reflect on the early stages of the creative process. For me, whether  I understood what had occured within  me at the time  wasn't important. However, reflecting though, I  was different and in more ways than one. While growing up in Dayton, Ohio as a child I enjoyed drawing, whether creating cartoons or drawing family members and friends as we sat around the dining room table talking and having fun.... Continue reading »»



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